Publié le 18 Octobre 2021


Outfit : zOOm - Calliope for HALLOW MANOR &   -Endless Pain Tattoos- Broglometh


Hair : Doux Coven



KOPFKINO - Halloween Decor

KOPFKINO has created various decor items for the October round of The Epiphany.
The event starts October 15th 2021 and ends November 12th.

The decor includes the following:

The Witch's Hat Rabbit:
- available in 3 different themes (Albino pure, demonic black and Albino Vampire)
- 1 LI each

The Raven:
- availble in 2 different colors (black and Albino)
- 2 LI each

Moth Skull:
- available in 3 different colors (black, natural and white)
- this item is wearable and comes with 2 different hold options
- decor version is included as well (2 LI each)

Also, there are 2 older KOPFKINO items available at a special price of 50L$ (this price is only applicable for the duration of the event):
- Magic Potions & Books (1LI)
- Magic Papers (1LI)

All new items can be purchased in a Halloween Decor Fatpack or individually.



DD Luna Fireplace Chair Set for HALLOW MANOR

Bricolage Madame Florentina for HALLOW MANOR 

3rd Eye_ Sanguine Nightmares Candlesfor HALLOW MANOR 

F&M * Black Magic Voodoo Doll for HALLOW MANOR

Bliensen + MaiTai - Vladimir - Candleholder for HALLOW MANOR




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